Frequency Synthesizers

With standard designs covering 250 MHz to 20 GHz, Micro Lambda Wireless is the industry leader in YIG-tuned frequency synthesizers. From low cost single loop designs, to wideband configurations that outperform some test equipment, Micro Lambda is your full service designer and supplier of microwave YIG synthesizers.

The MLMS-Series of wideband YIG based frequency synthesizers have been specifically designed to fit into a single slot PXI chassis. This series of synthesizers allow you drastically reduce the mechanical size while also reducing the power dissipation as well. Low phase noise performance is provided along with external and combined crystal references. Standard frequency bands of 250 MHz to 6 GHz, 2 to 8 GHz, 6 to 13 GHz to 16 GHz are provided with special order. 1 KHz step size is standard throughout the product line. Standard models operate over the 0 to +60 C temperature range, but extended temperature versions covering the -40 to +85 C are available on special order. 

Units are controlled with 5 wire SPI interface along with a USB standard mini-b connector. Units are supplied with a mating DC connector, USB cable and user manunal.

The MLSP-Series of wideband YIG synthesizers includes models with various frequency ranges through 20 GHz. This series of PXI synthesizers allows you to reduce your footprint while also providing low phase noise performance. Units can be provided with internal, external, or combined crystal references. 1 KHz frequency resolution is standard. Tuning is accomplished via 5 line serial or standard USB control. +8 dBm to +13 dBm RF power levels are provided depending on frequency band with an option for power leveling (-20dB) and/or a fixed level RF output.

Our MLSW-Series YIG frequency synthesizers cover wideband frequencies in the 600 MHz to 16 GHz band and they are known for outperforming most microwave test and measurement equipment signal generators today. Extremely low phase performance is a hallmark trait. Units utilize a 10 MHz external reference and provide 1 Hz frequency resolution. +10 to +12 dBm RF power output levels are provided.

Our MLSN-Series is a line of narrowband synthesizers with 2 GHz and 3 GHz tuning ranges spanning a 2 to 16 GHz frequency range for SATCOM and telecom applications. They provide excellent phase noise performance for your most challenging frequency converter designs. Units provide 1 Hz frequency resolution while using an industry standard 10 MHz reference input. +13 dBm to +10 dBm is provided depending on frequency band.