YIG-Tuned Oscillators

We offer the largest YIG-tuned Oscillator product line in the market today. Permanent magnet and electromagnetic designs covering frequency ranges from 500 MHz to 44 GHz in your choice of narrow or wideband configurations are available. Power output levels range from 0 dBm to +23 dBm depending on frequency band and configuration. RF output connector options include: SMA-Female, SMA Male, GPO, and various pin-outs for PC board mounting, including direct surface mount. 

Permanent Magnet YIG-Tuned Oscillators

Permanent magnet technology delivers our lowest DC voltage (prime power) available and is offered in 2 to 20 GHz standard models and in high performance models up to 44 GHz using frequency doublers. Our surface mount MLSMO and MLOTF series and TO-8 MLTO oscillators are extremely small and offer excellent phase noise and frequency stability. They’re the perfect choice for next generation PXI and compact PCI synthesizer applications.

Our MLPB Series offers a plug-in board design; our MLPM series offers 2 GHz tuning range; our MLPF series is a fixed-frequency design; our MLPW series offers a 4 GHz tuning range; and our MLPX series uses frequency doublers to take MLPW models to 44 GHz. All these oscillator models utilize either a bi-polar, FET or the latest SiGe transistor techology, making them excellent choices for PC Board, PCI, PXI, VME & VXI applications. Commercial and extended temperature range models are available throughout the permanent magnet line.

Electromagnetic YIG-Tuned Oscillators

Offering extremely wide frequency tuning range with excellent frequency linearity our electromagnetic technology provides frequency coverage from 500 MHz to 40 GHz. Package sizes from 1” x 1” x 0.5” to 2.0” cylinders are available. PCB mount versions (MLTM, MLMB, MLMY and MLMH models) up to 12 GHz and traditional connectorized models incorporating SMA female, SMA male, GPO and K-connectors are available across the standard product families. Standard MLOM & MLXM series 1” cubes, MLOB & MLXB series 1.25” cubes, and the MLOS, MLXS & MLXS-T series 1.75” and 2” cylinders provide very wide band tuning ranges up to 40 GHz. 

Most model series are available with silicon bipolar, SiGE and FET based transistor circuits yielding the best phase noise performance on the market today. Additional features include wide operating temperature range, fast switching and low phase noise performance. Coupled with wide tuning range and excellent linearity, our standard electromagnetic oscillator products are perfect for next-generation test equipment designs as well as legacy and special military applications requiring rugged, environmentally sound oscillators.   

Avantek Replacements for YIG-tuned Oscillators


Micro Lambda Wireless provides a complete line of those hard-to-find Avantek YIG-tuned oscillators. We have done extensive reference research and provide both catalog AV-Series standard oscillator models as well as special models designed for specific applications. In addition, we can cross reference special oscillator models made by HP, Agilent and Keysight Technologies. Frequency coverage is 500 MHz to 40 GHz.  Contact us to learn more.