YIG-Tuned Filters

Micro Lambda Wireless offers the most extensive RF/Microwave YIG-tuned filter product line with standard designs covering 500 MHz to 50 GHz. Various package configurations utilizing from 2 stages to 8 stages in the band-pass YIG filter product lines and up to 16 stages in the band-reject YIG filter products make Micro Lambda‘s YIG-tuned filter offering the largest on the market today. Miniature filters covering 1 GHz to 8 GHz, standard electromagnetic filters covering 500 MHz to 50 GHz and band-reject filters covering 2 GHz to 20 GHz are all readily available. Electrical specifications can be tailored to customer specific requirements and most YIG filter configurations will meet both commercial and military temperature ranges and environments. 

Band-pass YIG Filters (Electromagnetic)

Our band-pass YIG filter line includes the smallest production filters on the market. At 1.25” x 1.25” x .56” our MLFI Series electromagnetic YIG filters are narrowband filters that tune over a 2 to 3 GHz range. 50 MHz minimum / 3 dB bandwidths are offered as standard. With no heater required, these filters are a good choice where low power consumption is required. Our MLFI series electromagnetic YIG Filters come in 4 stage and 6 stage models. 20 MHz minimum / 3 dB bandwidths are provided. Both series are ideal for VXI, VME and the latest in PXI and PCI applications.

Our MLFM, MLFP, MLFD series electromagnetic band-pass YIG filters come in a choice of industry standard cubes measuring 1”, 1.4”, 1.7”, and 2”, or a low profile 1.2” package. Octave, multi-octave and ultra-wideband tuning bands are standard throughout the product line. 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 stage designs are available providing from 45 dB to over 120 dB rejection. Dual channel, low ripple and millimeter-wave configurations are all available. 

New Bandpass YIG Filters with Field Replaceable Connectors

The MLFRC series are the latest bandpass YIG filters with field replaceable RF connectors. If you have small restricted spaces, pin launch requirements, or if you want to use other connector types, then these filters are ideal. Covering the frequency range of 2 to 26.5 GHz and shortly available for most standard band-pass filters manufactured.

“ULTRA NOTCH” Band-reject YIG Filters (Electromagnetic)

Our MLUN series “Ultra Notch” band reject filters cover the frequency range of 500 MHz to 18 GHz. With notch depths of 50 dB at 500 MHz and 60 dB notch depths at 2 GHz, these filters provide the best performance on the market today. Package sizes vary from a low profile 1.7” cube to a standard 1.7” cube. Electrical specifications including frequency range can be tailored to customer specific requirements and can meet both commercial and military temperature ranges and environments. 

Band-reject / Notch YIG Filters (Electromagnetic)

Our MLFR Series band-reject, or notch filters, are offered covering the 2 to 20 GHz frequency range. Octave, multi-octave and full band designs are all available. All designs are offered in an industry standard 1.4” cube package with SMA connectors. Precise notch depths of 40 dB, with up to 16 stages in some models, are all available.